Saturday, December 4, 2010

UNDER little blog remodel

It's been a long time since I posted--for good reasons, really. (if anyone out there reads this blog anymore!!)

For those of you who don't know me personally or read my family blog, I can tell you it's been a BUSY few months! I had my baby in July, my appendix out in August, school starting in September, my husband gone the whole month of October, and obviously holidays and such in November...lots has been going on.

And on top of that, I've been working like a madwoman to lose some weight that I have been carrying around for WAY too many years! I joined weight watchers at the end of July, and since then have lost 43 pounds to date! I FEEL SO GOOD.

I have a lot of people asking me what I have been eating to lose weight--and the simple truth is, I eat what I already was making...I just know the correct portion size now and have found some ways to make certain dishes with less fat and unhealthy stuff. I personally love food too much to abandon it for salad. :) But finding a happy medium  has been JUST what I needed to be healthier.  The weight loss journey I have been on isn't just to shed the's been for my whole family to become healthier overall, so that we can hopefully raise our children embracing a lifestyle of health and wellness--tasty food AND dessert included! :)

While I can't promise each recipe can be remade in a healthier way (sometimes you've just got to splurge!), I DO plan on going back through each of my posts and making each dish according to the recipe I have written and updating them as I make changes (because sometimes I tend to do that without thinking, and the new way is really the easier or better way! :)

Am hoping to be able to put nutrition facts with my meals, as well as portion size--but I will be adding the new WW points plus values to each my my recipes--if for no other reason than my own reference, because we as a family plan on eating healthy for  life! If you know people who are doing WW or plan on joining, send them over! I hope to help prove that you don't need a bunch of frozen diet meals and salad to lose the weight and be healthy--

:) Anyway, please excuse the virtual dust as I make over these recipes (and pictures!!) so it will be a more user friendly (and healthy) place...


Kristen said...

Rachel, we love your blog and have cooked our fair share of recipes. Just today we used your pizza crust recipe. I am excited to see all the new changes!!!

Janelle said...

Rachel, I subscribe to your blog in Google Reader, so I'm still around.

I know of this handy little site that lets you plug in a recipe, number of servings, and it spits back out all the nutritional value for you, including the serving sizes. Check it out here.

* Nancy * said...

I'm still here. You won't remember me, but you once were in my ward back in Rexburg.

I love your recipes especially the pics you take too.

Way to go on losing 40 some lbs!!!

Happy holidays!

Rachel Holloway said...

Nancy!! I have a pretty good memory (of people and things in the past, not of things I should get at the store or do for the day! lol) I likely would remember who you are! Shoot me an email--it would be fun to reconnect!

John and Clara said...

I am so excited to see the healthier versions of your recipes...they are all so delicious!!

Andrea :) said...

Rachel, I cannot thank you enough for the inspiration that you are to me! I'm trying to eat better and am so looking forward to your makeover of your recipes. You make tasty food! :)

Congratulations on your weight loss! You are amazing!

Moore Fun said...

I love the idea Rachel! I can't wait to start trying some of these. I think I will start with the cheesecake! Then maybe something heathy :) Really I do not know how you have time to do all you do, but I am so glad that you share your talents and knowledge with the rest of us.