Monday, March 17, 2008

Potato Rolls

These are soft and delicious!

1 C hot water

1 C instant potatoes

Combine above and let sit

1 T yeast in 1 ½ C warm water, let sit until yeast activates

In a mixer cream on low:
1/2 C sugar
1 ½ tsp salt
2/3 C butter
2 eggs

Then add:
3 C flour
Yeast mixture
Add: another 2-3 C flour, mix 6 minutes on low with dough hook. Rise (covered) 1 hour
Punch down.
Roll out and shape as you would like (I found a GREAT article for how to make many different roll shapes, You can see that here. I did mine in the crescent shape)

Bake at 375° 10-12 minutes

SERVING: 36 soft and delicious dinner rolls - 3 pt+ each

For an extra yummy treat:

Orange roll filling
¼ C butter
½ C sugar
1 T orange juice concentrate
1 tsp. McCormick orange peel

Orange glaze
1 C powdered sugar
3 T orange juice
1 tsp. vanilla


Stephanie said...

I followed your link to the article on shaping dinner rolls. I am so excited to make some fancy rolls for our Easter dinner!! Thanks for sharing that!

Me said...

Maybe I'm mis-reading the instructions but I'm not sure at what point we add the potato mixture to the dough. Does it matter? Can't wait to try them!

The Holloways said...

You add the potato mixture when you are adding the other ingredients. I will be sure to put that in the recipe! Thanks for pointing it out!

Michelle said...

Hey, I just made a batch of these rolls. Yumm! I brushed them with butter after I baked them. Sweet but not too sweet, very soft, not heavy and dense. Thanks for posting this recipe! I will be making it again for sure!

A little Birdie... said...

Totally made these for easter dinner yesterday, and they rocked! SO light and fluffy...of course that could be because I let them rise a second time for 1/2 hour (accidently!) Delish with garlic butter on top!